How To Make A Pitcher In Eleven Easy Steps

First, throw a pot. Most any pot will do…

Step 2. Do something to the pot. Poke it, pull it, squeeze it, tease it. Something.

I poked this one five times. See? The wider push out on the left is where the bottom of the handle will go…

3. Water the flowers…

…and 4. Look for the cat.

5. While you are waiting for your pot to dry enough to trim, do other things. Like… load the kiln. (Because you make pots.)

Or if it’s a nice day, visit Kaufman Garden.

If it’s hot outside, go to the Nelson and look at a lady who is looking at a painting.

Or…you could just work on other pots.

6. Trim your pot. Put the foot ring in just the right place. (You learned how to do this many pots ago.)

7. Briefly consider your weekend plans.

8. Somehow, put a spout on your pitcher. I cut a U shape out from the rim down, roll a small slab, and cut a shape from a paper pattern that fits in the U. There is A LOT more to this part but you will figure it out. Don’t worry.

9. Put a handle on your pot.

20130904-131154.jpgThat was easy, right?
10. Decide how you want to glaze your pitcher and do something, geez… anything to the surface.

I want my pitcher to have an amber glaze over a brick and wire pattern so I brushed the pattern on with acrylic medium. Shhh… I put food coloring in the medium to see it easier. Don’t tell anyone.

11. After the acrylic dries, sponge away some of the surface clay. Look, you have just made a pitcher. It doesn’t look like mine but it is a fine pitcher.

Now you have time to make…

20130904-132349.jpg…a set of wheels to roll your kayak to your truck. Because the weekend will be here before you know it!

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