St. Croix Pottery Tour

I returned home recently from the St. Croix Pottery Tour in Minnesota. Oh, my. Many of the best functional potters the craft has to offer are represented each year in studio settings that are lovely to behold. During the next week or so, I am going to post photos of the pots that came home with me. If you are a potter or an admirer of ceramics, consider going on the tour yourself. More information at
First, one of my long time favorites, Bob Briscoe. I have wanted one of his covered jars for quite some time and I think I snagged a great one:

A fine addition to the “Briscoes” that already grace my kitchen:


The bowl is similar to the one featured on his website.
After a workshop, years ago, he handed me a bowl he’d just trimmed and told me to glaze it up and keep it. I dipped it in a flashing slip, poured an oxblood glaze in the interior and fired it in a soda kiln. A Briscoe-Dawley collaboration!

I’ll be posting this work next:

Can you guess who?

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