American iPottery

Years ago, before Kate Nielsen began building my first website, she asked me what I wanted. I replied, “I want my pots to spin!” She chuckled then created a very good website sans spinning pottery. The technology just wasn’t there. But now…guess what?

I am included in the new, just out ebook, “American iPottery”,  An image of my pitcher was selected for a chapter page and guess what? Yes! Developed for the iPad, this is an interactive book. Just use your finger to move pots around. See the front side! See the top! See the back side and see the bottom!

If you love ceramics, you will love “American iPottery”. Available from your iTunes store for just $14.99. You can unload the first chapter for free! Purchase to see over 200 galleries of some of the best potters working now in the field of ceramics. This will be a great resource for potters and those who appreciate pottery for years to come.

Don’t forget to check out the chapter lead for my pitcher. Just bring up your iTunes store and search American iPottery. Well, I hope my pitcher is there…I don’t have an iPad but think I should get one soon!

Take a look at the poster for the exhibition showcasing all the pottery that has been included in this new ebook. It opens August 26 in Rockville, Maryland on the campus of Montgomery College. Just click on this: Flyer for Am. iPottery


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