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Photo Booth
September 30, 2014

New photo booth at Rafter E Studio!
Varitone paper. We use the grey to black instead of the white to black. Small soft box overhead. Table from IKEA.
This was set up in our unused shower stall so when the sidelights are pivoted to the front, we just slide the shower curtains around the track to diffuse the bulbs.

Still tweaking but have these fresh out of “the shower”…



September 29, 2014

I used to think that forms like this…well, they look like just the top of a bottle and “where’s the bottom two thirds?” But now that I’m working on bottles, I am really liking this form.


Making bottles now for Art Denver
I’ll be headed there soon with Susan Hill fiber artist.

Next show… Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour My favorite place to take pots!

Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour
September 23, 2014

Perhaps you read my posts earlier in the year about my trip to the St.Croix Valley Pottery Tour in Minnesota. If you are a potter or love ceramics, this is a “must do” tour. If you weren’t able to fit that trip into your schedule, no worry! I have the tour info for you…The Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour.  I have participated the last two years and am preparing for my third trip to exhibit, October 4-5.

Click here to see the details and images of the work of the 18 ceramic artists who are on the tour. Note I will be setup at Florence Mill.

Or click here to connect via Facebook.

Omaha is a great place for a weekend getaway. My friend and fellow artist, John, and I have been having a wonderful time on our trips. You will see that the pottery is great and the people are a fun bunch.

Click here to watch a short video clip from a recent public television airing featuring last year’s tour. I talk!

Hope to see you there. Let me know if you have any questions. Here are a few images of work I will be taking… TeaBowl TeaPot

Get To Work!
September 16, 2014

Dave just delivered clay to Rafter E Studio. Time to get to work! I wonder how many slabs and balls of clay are in those boxes…
Bracker’s Good Earth Clay
Rafter E Studio

How To Make A Ceramic Bottle
September 10, 2014

Bottles. Short. Tall. Simple and elegant. A form I have neglected until recently. Here’s how you, too, can throw lovely bottles on the wheel:

First…learn to make teapots…IMG_6321

Then, make more teapots…IMG_6322

…lots and lots of teapots…IMG_6323

After you have learned how to make teapots…
make more teapots…IMG_6345

Now, you are ready to learn how to make bottles. First, try and fail to throw bottles on the wheel. Make many bottles. Fail many times. Try again. Fail again. Your simple, “elegant to be” bottles will not have a smooth transition. They will have flat spots on the shoulders…IMG_6376

Make more bottles. Decide to give up. You cannot make a “good enough” bottle. But then…remember that you can make teapots!Teapot

Nice teapots. Making a teapot is a very time consuming, detailed endeavor but it is not difficult for you. So, sit back down at the wheel and make bottles. Then make more. You will get better at it.IMG_6344

The point here is that throwing a simple bottle that has good form and proportion as well as a smooth vertical transition is very difficult. When you see one that is handcrafted, one of a kind, know that the artist has invested a lot of time and thought to produce that one, simple bottle.

You can receive email notification of my blog posts. They don’t happen often…too busy learning how to make bottles.

Rafter E Studio

Side note…that last picture was taken with my phone (soon our phone cameras will be as good as our Canons).  We will be installing a soft box in our studio photobooth soon…yippee! Just using some side lights for now.