POW…Pots On Wheels…POW!

I am participating in an exciting ceramics adventure…check this out and click on POW’s link to learn more. If you love ceramics, you will enjoy this…

Gearing up for NCECA 2015 with a mobile education and outreach

gallery for beautiful handmade pottery–collaboration between over

100 clay artists.

In Boston, we’ve recently launched a project to spread our passion

for ceramics and design. We’re converting a 17ft bread truck into a

mobile ceramics gallery, called POW! (Pots On Wheels) in order to

bring excellent pottery to those who may not have had the opportunity

to touch clay before. Our gallery will display a diverse range of work

from over 100 artists, including Molly Hatch and Ayumie Horie. We’ll

drive around New England delivering workshops and hands-on

education to communities and schools. We believe that fine craft

makes people happy. We want to share the joys of making with a

larger audience. We’ll encourage new audiences, both young and

old, to see, touch and experience well-made functional ceramics,

made by a wide-range of contemporary artists.

Our first official wheeled appearance will be at NCECA in Providence,

where we’ll share our collaborative Cup Project with NCECA

participants. We’re in the midst of raising funds on Kick Starter to

purchase our gallery-truck. There are some great rewards for people

who pledge funds, including t-shirts, totally gorgeous original

ceramics (shipped anywhere in the world), and even a visit to your

location by Mark Shapiro and Sam Taylor, who will make pots and tell

stories in front of your very eyes!


There is only a short time for you to participate and enjoy one or more rewards for supporting a worthy cause.

I will be donating these cups and more…
4 cups

The tea bowl is signed…


like this…

The cup and saucer has…

little chairs, too…

Please consider clicking on the POW link. It’s about education for the ceramic arts…and fun!

psst…shh…you can follow my blog…shhhh

and peek at my website.


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