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January 9, 2015

There is a Bison loose at Rafter E today. This beast was given to me by Sam and I’m trimming plates for Chad.

Next…off to the Nelson to see the fabulous Native American exhibit. THIS IS THE LAST WEEKEND, PEOPLE!
They will have food for me there, right? I’m hungry. I really am.

Rafter E Studio
January 5, 2015

This post is expressly for the enjoyment of one Mike Jabbur. If you are Mike, preparing this is just much easier as a blog post than using email. If you are not Mike, you may look. You may also enjoy this.

So…Mike. As per your request, here are some photos of Rafter E Studio. The building was the corner grocery store back in the day. The street at my left goes from the Plaza to a well known antique shopping area. (behind me, as I take this picture) i.e. …good location.

I am standing with my back to the front door in this next picture. At the left is a long display shelf that runs almost the entire length of the space. Below are two sections with roll out display cubbies. The next four sections contain wire rack shelving for clay and tools and are hidden by canvas curtains.


…In the middle of the space, you see the end of one of two big work tables. The bright spot on the right is my work space. This is a panorama shot so imagine away the curve in the wooden door. There are two sets of sliding wooden doors. Four doors total. From back to front, they “hide” the restroom two large closets and this adorable small office…

Next, a close look at my work area. Again, a panorama curvy photo. Straighten it out.

…The two work tables here are lower. They are on casters. We turn them end to end against the wall during shows. We store the glaze buckets, also on casters, beneath. (If you are not Mike, you may not know the thrill of having five gallon buckets up on casters. Mike would know.)

For the following panorama, I stood with my back to my wheel. Straighten out the curve and this is a good rendition. You see here the canvas curtains covering the storage shelving. To the right of them, Eck and I each have a damp box. They are plant “hothouses” refitted with more attractive corrugated plastic walls and tops. The shelves are lined with drywall. Great damp boxes. There is a wedging table to the right of the boxes. A nice slab roller for our frequent slabbering and a good sized Skutt.

Although the above photo is distorted by my panorama choice, it provides a good feel of the workspace. The following photo taken from the back of the room kinda puts it back into perspective…

(The white chairs that are stacked in front of the slab roller? Well, we also have a lovely concrete back patio, yard, garden, and squirrels.)

So there you go, Mike. Can ya dig it?