Brown Pots

I took a little break from porcelain in January and made some pots with brown clay, a Standard body, Dark Brown #266, I purchased at Bracker’s Good Earth Clays in Lawrence, KS. Here are a few of the results…
I left the brown clay exposed on the forms in some places, the rim…
a little brown “ring around the collar”…
I made several different typs of forms…
This is a small coffee pour-over set. (Fareed, you have dibs on this set but I’m not satisfied with the liner glaze. Also, I’ll make the hole in the bottom of the filter a tad bigger. I’ve already thrown another set and will send you a photo when it’s finished.)
But this is a handsome little set and I think I’ll keep making them. It’s a handy dandy way to make a quick cuppa coffee at home or work…
For now though, it’s back to work with porcelain, my fickle mistress and true love…
pots in dampbox
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7 Responses

  1. Beautiful! Now I’m intrigued to get to work and check the system to see which brown body you got!

    • I think I just chose from the darkest Laguna sample chip.

  2. Hey, it looks like it is actually the *Standard* Dark Brown, #266, not Laguna. 🙂

    • Oh, yeah. You are correct. I should plug Standard soon…oops.

  3. Hi! Your work is gorgeous! Did you glaze fire to Cone 6? I’m working with this clay now and having trouble with glazes. Which glazes did you use? Curious to hear….

    • Hi, Kim. I do fire to Cone 6. I use the Mamo White glaze. That is a Cone 10 glaze and I used the Digitalfire Insight program to adjust the recipe to mature at Cone 6. I add Mason Stains to have several color variations. Mamo is in the High Fire Glazes book, I think.

  4. Thanks, Tara!

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