Small Champions

Breakfast of a small champion…

The bowl was made by Angela Lopez. Perhaps the spark to her current figurative studies?

The cup was created by Kevin Erhardt. As a boy, he was denied a puppy pet. He now incorporates puppies into all his ceramics to quell his rage. This is not true. I make up stories while I have breakfast and Kevin and his wife Machiko are two of the sweetest people I know. They show their work locally and you can find them here: (you need a puppy tugging on your cup rim, I say)

Small champions, all.

Spring Show This Weekend! John Eck and I have new work and three guest artists! Click here.


2 Responses

  1. I adore Kevin and Machiko as well, and really like their work. It is nice to see Angela is still doing her “Hands Across America” bowls. We both learned that each of us were in that long line of folks back in the 80’s!!!

    • I remember that story, Carolyn.
      I think my bowl is a “one of a kind”, though.

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