How Not To Finish A Rim

I’m making cylinders now that are quite thin. The exteriors remain unglazed porcelain that is polished up, buttery smooth. So without a colorful glaze, the rims, well they kinda disappear…


When glazed, the inside has a bit of sparkle but…still…  


If you suffer from this dilemma, I caution you…do not try the following.  

Do not dampen the inside edge of the rim in the bone dry stage… 


If you do this, you will be able to apply a thin line of underglaze… 


And if you do that to one cylinder, chances are you will want to do all of them… 


Whatever you do, do not use a sharp knife to delicately scrape away some of the under glaze to leave a thin, uneven line… 


Because if you do this, all this, you will be able to bisque fire the cylinders, apply a liner glaze and fire them again. When that is accomplished, you will have to apply gold luster. Do not do this! (Before the luster is fired, it is a very pretty red color. Like nail polish!)  

But if you apply gold luster, you will find yourself firing for a third time. Three! I wouldn’t do it if I were you. Because later, you would have to carefully sand some of the gold away to get a thin, almost essence of a line on the inside of your cylinders’ rims. Just like you want…  

The thing is, if you do all that, you will find yourself doing things like this… talking to the state of Nebraska about sales taxes, purchasing business insurance in the state of Colorado, lining up shows for next year. Trust me…keep your rims thick and simple. To check my show schedule for the last months of this year, click Here

website and online shop…


2 Responses

  1. So CLEVER.

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  2. If you give a potter a glaze….

    Beautiful though!!!!

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