How To Make A Tea Pot…

  It’s easy. Just make these parts… one tall circle thing, four flat things, and make extra pointy things so you can choose the best one later. 

  Take the flat things and cut some circles. 

  Put two circles together like this. Use your Bison tool to trim the little circle a bit.  

 Now, attach the conjoined circles to your tall circle thing. You are making a teapot! When you look through the bottom, you will see your fingers. Not mine.  

 Cut a circle from your third flat thing and attach a bottom to your teapot.   

 Use the last flat thing to make a lid. 
  Cut a hole in your tea pot. Don’t forget to do this! Malcolm told me he forgot to do this once. That teapot did not work! 

  Attach a pointy thing over the hole. 

  Attach a different pointy thing as a handle. Use a damp brush to smooth things over.  

 Now only take sneak peek pictures and make people wait until NCECA to see your tea pot! Because you are ornery that way.   
You can see more sneak peek pictures on my Instagram feed. @taradawley

You can find out more about NCECA on my Tara Dawley Ceramics Facebook page. 

And now, you can make a tea pot!

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