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Next Up
September 28, 2016

I’m headed north with ceramics to my favorite weekend! The Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour. I’m setting up at Florence Mill. A fun getaway weekend for you, too. Lots of pottery, lovely people, studios scattered about the countryside. Find all the information here…

Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour
I’ll be bringing some of my narrative work and some of my newest work, too!

Labor? Day in the Studio
September 5, 2016

To celebrate his home brew that was not chilled, friend and brewer, Dan declared himself manly enough to drink from a pink can and we popped a Priscilla.  Now back to glazing.  No, I’m not supposed to be working today but fall shows are fast approaching. Photos of my new work coming soon. Schedule is up on my website!  Thanks for the afternoon break, Dan!