Back in the Saddle…

State of the nation aside, it has been a long and challenging winter. But my studio at Hoop Dog Studio on Troost is ready and this week I started making pots. I hadn’t touched clay since last October!

And wouldn’t you know, I was accepted into all the very fine art festivals that I had entered. I declined them except Cherry Creek in Denver, early July.

The Urban Potters in Kansas City kindly invited me to their big selling event coming up in May. That might be my only local event except for a summer and maybe fall studio sale.

I haven’t disappeared entirely, though. My work can be purchased at the Kemper Museum in KC, Bluestem Missouri Crafts n Columbia, and Anderson O’Brien Fine Art in Omaha.

And as always, my work is available to you directly from my studio or via my website.

Right now, my first order of business is Hospital Cups! If you don’t know about that, follow this blog and you will soon. (Don’t worry, I am a lazy blogger. Your inbox will barely notice if you follow)


2 Responses

  1. Glad to have you back! These cups look awesome. Any detail I can’t see?? All my love!

    • They are “Sipping Cups”. I sell them in sets of seven set into a shallow stoneware vessel. I’ll send you an image. Can’t seem to do that in this comment string.

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