Hospital Cups! 2017

In 2006, I, yes, had a “little coma”…for two months. A year later, I was pretty much recovered but it was quite a life informing experience. I’ll spare you the details (I reposted some earlier posts that explain a little if you are interested. Just scroll down after this post.)

This year I’m just going to tell a funny story. So…since my 3 month hospital stay in 2006 I have, every year, made a couple dozen “hospital cups” and given to family and friends who were very helpful to me at that time and I have taken 50 cups to St. Luke’s Hospital as a thank you. Every year.

Last May a lady walked into my booth at the Brookside art fair and said, “you are the one who brings cups for the people at St Luke’s, right?” “Yes, I said with a smile”. “Well..You need to know something!” (fortunately I saw a twinkle in her eye or she would have scared me a little!) “You take the cups to the 4th floor for the therapists and to the 7th floor for the staff there.” “yeah”. “Well, you stayed on the 8th floor, not the 7th. I have been taking your bags of cups up to the 8th floor. Every year. And you need to know this because I am retiring and you need to take your cups to the eighth floor from now on.”

So this very nice…and funny, lady…Susan, instead of contacting me and reporting, simply took care of the cups for me. For years! Just another example of the kindness of those involved in care giving.

To my family and friends, to the staff of St. Luke’s Hospital, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You gave me my life back literally and you recently have given me the best thing of all… cherished moments with my granddaughter, Evelyn, who would not have known me without your care, attention and kindness.


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