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Summer Schedule
June 16, 2018

The KC Urban Potters in Westport will be having a group “Planter Show”. The reception is June 29th from 5-8 pm. I will be planting succulents in my vessels for that month-long, July show!

Also on my schedule, I am honored to be the featured artist at Bredin-Lee Gallery on First Friday, July 6th. This is a lovely space that also shows the works of the 323 Clay artists. A great evening to visit whether you are a First Friday hopper or not.

Here are images of items that will be in the Bredin-Lee Show. They are a nod to my studio home, Hoop Dog Studios…home to artists and a photo-op extravaganza:

This shallow 7″ porcelain dish is attached to a large, double-walled stoneware vessel which is about 14″ in diameter.


This is a small porcelain cup, embellished with a wide 19 carat gold rim. At a show a couple of summers ago, a stranger to me insisted that there is no such thing as 19 carat gold (eye roll). I choose to lay the gold inside the rim instead of the typical manner because… me. That’s how I roll.


I call this the “Double Cylinder Bowl”. A simple porcelain cylinder sets down in a stoneware “sleeve”. The dark brown vessel is sliced through front and back then “held” back together by wire loops. It’s a pretty good size, maybe 11″ in diameter, and a fun food service piece as the inner bowl is removable.

Nope, no, no. This is my soup in my newest bowl form. It’s my lunch. You can’t have it.  I just thought it was a pretty picture.


This huge bowl? Made awhile back. Must be special to me because I kept three and wouldn’t put them out for sale. I’m keeping one for myself and the second is going to Anderson O’Bryan Gallery in Omaha. It has a lovely amber celadon interior glaze.


I’m getting low on tea sets. Actually, I think this is the only complete set I have now. The tea pot and the cream/sugar are priced separately…but you should buy them both. They are happy together.


Okay so…I got kinda tired…this vase is similar to the one to be featured at Bredin-Lee Gallery. Already had a photo of this one…what can I say. This vase is named “Five Plex”. But. It. Is. ONE vase. Use your imagination, it is lovely. Oh, and the one for the show…lovely, as well.