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Small Busyness
November 30, 2014

Despite huge corporations, big box stores, and the pervasive manufacture and purchase of plastic crap (foods are in this category), I think that small businesses remain the backbone of the U.S. economy. If only the moral backbone. This is how I have recently helped to support three small, local businesses…


The adorable, finely executed hat was made by Nancy.

The T shirt (that is the old Katz drugstore in Westport!) is from Made on Main.

Cecil, the Monster, was lovingly stitched by Megan at Monstrosity.

I have chosen one aspect of my life to include exclusively purchases made by hand. As you can imagine, this “aspect” is the newest, bestest addition to my small world. This is why I choose small business…


You can see that she is on the road to being “raised right”. I am motivated to being a “small business activist”.

Saturday was “Small Business Day”. Did you know this? Please consider supporting small businesses. Buy local, purchase handmade. Perhaps you could choose one aspect of your life to be a Small Business Advocate.