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  1. What beautiful truck! The Blue Rose. (Kinda like The General in Dukes of Hazard) except she’s a girl.

    I still blow my baseball whistle on occasion. I like it very much and it’s mind! And you can’t have! So there!

    Think of you often.
    Miss you.

    cuz Jeff said so

  2. Tara,

    Love the the truck. I think she looks like a Lulu! or a Lola!

  3. Tara,

    I think Francine, would enjoy my company for tacos. I like the wood lined truck bed, but it seems a bit butch, not what I would expect from a girl truck. Perhaps a hidden September sky blue ashtray liner would add that feminine touch to the interior. Now if it turns out that Francine is not here first name, surely it’s her middle.

    Jeff (not the first Jeff, but the other one)

  4. The Blue Lagoon. She’s blue and deep…

  5. Tara,
    How about Bluebelle or perhaps you’d prefer Bluebill. Ha!
    Or maybe just Belle.

  6. Classic truck, your father would be proud and probably a bit envious….. but especially that wooden bed. Whoa Nelly,Beautiful. “Robin” strikes me as a great truck name for your pickup. Robin’s egg blue and it has a wooden bed kind of like a nest. Plus for some reason the truck is giving off, to me, a female vibe….”Robin”. Can’t wait for the tamales and beer and a look at the truck..and of course great pottery. Regards, Jayson

  7. I say you call it tegegne. that’s my kids name!

    tuh-guh-nyay in phonetics.

    c’mon, do it, do it. c’mon, think it over…you are wanting to i know…c’mon.

    i know i am getting a ride none the less, but c’mon…

  8. try the other arms. you will probably be able to touch. if not, practice, practice, practice.

    i couldn’t think of anything clever to say. your site says it all!

    • I tried it the other way…it was worse!

  9. I was google-imaging 1960-66 c-10 long beds and came across your truck. What a beauty! Good Get! Now that you’ve had her a few months, what do you think? has she needed much work beyond what your able hands can fix? I’ve been looking for a long bed for a while, and if after that year or two of cool cruising, you feel like switching to something else, let me know, please! p.s. although I was first drawn to your truck, your art is sweet too. I especially like the blue-glaze piece sitting atop the c-10 bed. Reminds me of a glaze used by a potter local to my hometown, tucson, named Rose Cabat (know her work?) Anyways, keep up the good work,

    • Robert, I love, Love, LOVE this truck! I put on a new starter motor last fall and had a new ring gear installed. The teeth were just worn too much.
      I have a great! mechanic in the neighborhood. Right now he is ordering those two little rods that attach to the steering column and run down to the transmission because it is stuck in second gear! The gizmo there is just too worn, also. I was out for a drive and it got stuck in neutral so I popped the hood and called my mechanic. He talked me through some “fiddling” and I got it set into second gear which got me home.
      Thanks for the comment on my art, too! I was in Tucson last year to visit a potter friend. She might know Rose.
      I keep a book of notes in the truck. I’ll add your nameand e- to the list of those who have left notes on the truck! ( You are #4 🙂

  10. Great new studio…. I look forward to visiting soon.

    Till then, make it count and fire it for effect…..

    • Thanks…and I like that – “make it count and fire it for effect….”

  11. trying to subscribe 🙂

  12. Tara…love your new display (so architectural and mechanical), love your work (it is always so luscious!) I am secretly jealous, still trying to find a my voice,,,someday…

  13. Tara,

    Do you have anything in the tomato glaze like the bowls on the chrome fixture. That glaze is awesome with the whitle showing. you are the BEST !

    • Roger, that is an unfinished bowl. It has a red iron slip on it and hasn’t been fired. I actually put a white slip over the red and then carve through it. So after it is fired, it doesn’t come out all that red. Sorry. I’ll e-mail you an example of a finished and fired bowl… if I can remember!

  14. Are you training for the KC to St Louis kayaking?

    Love your work.

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