Saving the Planet One Pot at a Time
December 8, 2009

A big thank you to all those who came to Red Star Studios last weekend for our holiday sale. Ceramics was admired and purchased. Plates of candies and cookies were consumed, and a huge pot of coffee kept those in need a bit warmer and zippity.

As you go about your holiday shopping, keep in mind Red Star Studios and Gallery offers “no stress shopping”. No lines! Ample parking! Prices range from $5 to $1000+! Everything in our gallery is hand made with thought, purpose, and care. And remember…by purchasing art from artists, you are doing your part to SAVE THE PLANET! (You might not be clear on that thought but any self respecting artist should be able to help you through.)

First of all, our gallery has never looked better!

This month features Venezuelan artists Jose’ Sierra and John Lujan. Jose’s ceramic work is stunning. The show sold well but there are still some items available. This photo does not do them justice.
John Lujan presented his bamboo series. Lovely. This show will be up through December.

Something for everyone on your shopping list!

Or something just for you! Shhhh…my daughter is getting a Susan Hill pillow this year for Christmas. Oops! Did I just put that in print? She probably doesn’t look at her old fuddy duddy mom’s blog anyway.

We make a lot of pottery and sculpture at Red Star! There is still plenty to be seen and had. If you have a friend or family member who would not like a gift of ceramics…dump ’em! You don’t need ’em, anyway! Oops! Did I just put that in print? Well, think about it…no lines, easy access, no hassle shopping. We even like it when you just come to look!

Always a menagerie in Calder’s studio!

Look for Tracy Schneitter’s sculptures. These have very interesting colors and textures that don’t show up in this picture very well…darn it.

Carolyn Summer’s work sold well but she still has something for you! Well…not the clock, OK? Geez…

George Chrisman has some great functional work on hand. He is our “go to” guy when someone would like a tour. Just ask!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Maria!

Everywhere we go! Maria Morales, that is.

Our very own Bowie Croisant!

Lots of Bowie!

Check out this lovely display by Stephanie Kantor

Here is more of Stephanie’s work in the Side Gallery…along with work made by other studio members.

My sales this holiday sale were actually better than last year! Personally, I take that to mean our economy is indeed turning around. My theory is that in trying economic times, people put more thought into their purchases. Of course that points them toward art because buying art from artists can SAVE THE PLANET!
End note: shhhhh…I have a half price shelf in my space.


Favorites Du Jour
July 15, 2009

Enjoy with me two items from my kitchen cupboard, my current “favorite” tumbler and a bowl that happens to look great alongside. The tumbler was made by Josh DeWeese, professor at Montana State in Bozeman. Given to me by Kalika Bowlby, Canadian potter on the loose, it has quickly become the drinking vessel that I most reach for. Very light weight and a thin, thin rim. The bowl was made by Kansas City’s own, sculptor/painter, Angela Lopez. Produced for Red Star Studio’s benefit for Harvestors, I snatched up this bowl for my soup and have been enjoying it ever since. Just lately, I discovered how well it goes with Josh’s tumbler.


Josh must love melty glazes. Angela’s bowl is a perfect size…check out her cool signature below.


Plants and Stuff
June 21, 2009

One of the many things I like about Red Star… the random plants that show up for awhile…then, after awhile, disappear.

Travelin' Cacti
Stephanie Kantor, correct me if I am wrong…you purchased these cute lil’ cacti when you were in Phoenix at the NCECA conference. They traveled with you to Chicago while you visited friends on the way to your home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Then they accompanied you to your temporary living quarters in the historic home located just south of Red Star Studios in Kansas City, Missouri where you began your term as resident artist. They were then hand carried, as they are accustomed, to the studio and transplanted into lil’ test glaze pots you recently made in your new studio space, and are now awaiting their next move, quite soon, to your more permanent residence on Summit Street. Imagine that…

A sad little basil plant that, quite fortunately, found a wee sunny spot…just in the nick of time.

Yeah, Mary Bell is a sweet amaryllis, but check out John Eck’s ceramic work in the background.

There are “spiders” everywhere! But what about that spoon on a stick and bird in a ladle just above??