Sneak Peek
September 30, 2010

My new body of work will be making its debut at M&I Bank, 12th and Nall (Leawood Arts Council) and Red Star Studios, 2100 Walnut (Crossroads District) tomorrow night, the First Friday in October. Porcelain, with additions of white and yellow gold luster will be featured.

I will be in Leawood between 6 and 7pm and back up at Red Star by 7:30.

Your sneak peek…

Teran Workshop
August 28, 2010

OK blog readers…sorrrry. My computer and camera have not been on speaking terms. (It is a new relationship.) Needless to say, flowers were purchased, concessions were uttered, a candle was lit. Catching up on posts now…

Our first workshop at the new Red Star Studios… Daniel Ricardo Teran.

Daniel came to Kansas City with his car loaded up with lovely pots and lots and lots of “stuff” for the workshop.

He showed us his “stuff”. (He likes little details and little items)

He brought several forms to show us how he…

uses the sgraffito technique.

Daniel made a nifty tool to cut slabs. If you go to one of Daniel’s workshops, you will know how to make one, too!

Who doesn’t like Mud tools??

Here he is laying a decorated slab into a slump mold.

If you go to a Daniel Teran workshop, you will learn why he is verrry particular about the edges of his mold. Are they sharp or rounded? Ha! You do not know!

Daniel likes to feel the coolness of the clay upon his chest when he works.

Just kiddin’


Seriously, though, Daniel Ricardo Teran presented a wonderful workshop. In just half a day…

we learned about applying slips with silkscreens and stencils.

He showed us some press molds…


Watch this. He is concentrating very deeply. I think he is going to use his head…

Yep, I was right!

All that and a gallery talk!

And then! And then!!

And then he made a 50 pound platter. If you scroll through very quickly, it will seem as though you were there…

Oh, that didn’t really work to scroll through very fast, did it? You’ll just have to take a workshop to see the full effect. And if you weren’t there, don’t worry, you can still take home lovely pottery made by the hands and heart of Daniel Ricardo Teran…

This one went home with me.

Tara Bites The Bullet or a day in the life of a potter…
July 21, 2010

Out the door early. Quick peek to make sure there is plenty of room in Susie Q, it’s going to be a long day.

Good thing I have a lonnng bed.

I am not lonnng on gas, though. Better keep an eye on that. And no…I have not checked the gas mileage…not gonna, either.

A quick stop at Red Star to check the Tuesday night class pots. Lookin’ good.
And a quick peek at my plates…

and bowls. They will be ready to trim tomorrow. Oh how I miss my…

damp box! Do you see that dry spot on the rim of the cup on the right?
uh, its upside down, OK?
Another challenging thing about not having a studio…

storage. eeek!

Walking through the gallery, I snap a pic of my favorite piece in the gallery right now…
by Mary Fisher! Isn’t it great? You could own this!

Off to my favorite retail establishment…

I skim past my favorite aisle…

Then on to another favorite shopping spot…

Good use of a tree, aye, Kanada?

On my last couple of visits, I have found my self wildly attracted to the Magic Bullet!

Yep. Because it…


OR LESS“! (I will keep you posted.)

Oh yeah, that’s better because I’m gonna hit…

the open road…

Well “open road” to KC Metro, anyway where my buddy Brock will…

put more stuff in my truck!

On the road again…

Deeper into the town of Independence to visit…

my friend…

Sara! …and to take her companion to lunch. Deeper and deeper into the bowels of…

…oh, I mean deeper into the center of Independence.

My choice on a hot, muggy, Missouri afternoon.
The Italian cuisine here is tremendous!

Back to the house to check on the cats…

If you have cats…put a Pizza Hut carry out box on the floor and you will have a “cat on a box”. Guaranteed.

Also checked out the newly planted…

shrubbery. (one of my favorite words…thank you, Monty Python)

Another stop to put…

even more stuff in the back of the truck.

Heading home, a quick stop at…

to check on the price of a “pork chop”. Ha! Who knows what I am referring to? Ha! Probably nobody.

Then a race with the approaching thunderstorm to my friend’s house because…

I need help unloading this truck! Oh, look! We gotta…helper!

End note: Did you notice that you were shown the arm, hand, and foot of Sara’s companion…but never her face?

Red Star Goes To The Daum
July 20, 2010

On Saturday a Red Star group trooped to the Daum Museum in Sedalia. I didn’t take my camera! Can you believe that? So you won’t see any pictures of the McDonalds where we picked up a hitch hiker or the startled looks on the faces of the people in the other Belger van when we blew past them or the frozen custard we snagged on the way back. But courtesy of Cary Esser, who brought her camera (thanks Cary!), you will see images of the Marc Leuthold ceramic exhibit. Museum Coordinator, Vicki Weaver, gave us a tour and a good time was had by all. Enjoy…

My favorite!

65 Chevy Repost for Stan
July 18, 2010

I am moving this post up for my newest “wheels” buddy. I met Stan tonight at
Hamburger Mary’s on the Boulevard. He drove up in his beeyooteeful convertible Ford…another 1965! It is the color of my gold interior and has white bucket seats! …mmm. So here’s a story for you, Stan…it is a post from September 2009 when I bought my truck…

I attained my love of old vehicles from my father. The first car I “drove” was by sitting on the lap of my dad and steering while he braked and accelerated his ’49 Willys Jeep. It was similar to this one but green.


Following are my father’s vehicles, ones I drove while growing up. In chronological order, of course.


The best way to learn about clutches and gears.


A great wagon for the drive-in movie!


Dad’s was red. Most fun with doors off! He kept the top on, though.


Not exactly a “cool” car in high school but it had a huge engine. Man, could it go!

My “auto ed” began early in my years and started with “Come hold the light for me.” Soon I had been taught enough for “Hand me the wrench. No, the crescent!” As I grew older, I learned quite a bit about vehicles. I actually remember the time my dad showed me where the zerts (sp?) were on my first car…


My ’69 Mustang was similar to this but had a white vinyl top. 302 3-speed. I actually installed a water pump on it once and only had four bolts left over! I kept it for 13 years.

Any time I have ever been out with my father, he always pointed out the older or in some way special automobiles. What he loved most were the pick-up trucks. He always wanted a pick-up but he never had one. I don’t know why because he always had fine enough cars…Jeeps, a ’72 Ford LTD, and later, Lincoln Continentals. His last truck was a GMC Jimmy, close…but not a pick-up. He actually seemed to “pine” for an old pick-up and I wish I had asked him why he didn’t ever own one. Of course, every time I see an old pick-up, I think of my father.

For the last couple of years, I have been preparing to replace my Ford Escort. I was going to buy a friend’s ’05 Civic…not a car I particularly wanted but would admittedly be a good choice. His plans changed recently so within the last two weeks I became comfortable with keeping the Escort. It’s a great car actually. Simple. I have to roll up my own window, I lock the doors without one of those clicker things that I don’t even know the name of, I push a clutch and shift the gears. Ten years ago, I actually had to order this car because dealers don’t tend to order “simple” cars for the lot. “Simple”, remember this word…it is important to the following story…

So here I am, prepared for something but not looking! This, friends is when magic happens…

… last Saturday night, I was working in my studio, my friend, Bowie, walked in and said, “Did you see the truck outside?” You know me well enough now to know that I hopped up and stepped out. When I saw… I think my heart actually went pitty pat! Because there, right there…was parked a…


Thanks to “auto ed” (Dad), I guessed it was a ’65. Make a comment by clicking “Leave a Response” to join the “Name the Truck” contest. Winner gets a ride! (it’s a girl, by the way)

As I walked closer, I wondered if… and glanced to check…”Yes, there is a sign stuck up in the windshield!”. It was for sale. I thought about it all night and woke up thinking about it the next morning. On Sunday, I was describing the truck to my friend Brock. I said, “Maybe I could get it and keep it for a year or two just for fun.” He looked up dreamily and said, “That, would be a great year.” That’s when I knew that the truck would be mine.

The next day the owner, Scott, brought the truck back over to Red Star. He and his wife, Angela, had driven it here on Saturday night to eat dinner at Lill’s. I told him I wanted to take it down on the boulevard for my buddy, Ryan, to check out. Ryan lives across the street from me and knows all about old vehicles. When I asked, “May I drive?”, Scott hesitated…”Do you know how to…” I interrupted with “Oh, yeah.” Still hesitant, Scott said, “Most people don’t know how to drive an old…” “Oh, I’m good…trust me.” He was so sweet, not wanting to offend me but not quite willing to hand over the keys. Third time convinced and I hopped in behind the wheel. Ryan and his buddies, Chad and Zeke gave it a good going over and gave me the “thumbs up”. Next thing I knew…I had a truck.


1965 Chevrolet C10, high torque 230 six cylinder, three on the tree, long bed.


lonnnnnnnnngggg! bed


This is the front!


This is the rear!


A great thing about the truck is that the plate goes well with the color!

My neighbor, “north” Mark (I have a “south Mark, too) just made the first entry into the name the truck contest. It was an “off the front porch” entry. You may enter at the beginning of this post or through facebook.


A great thing about my truck is that it matches my glaze!


I have been accused of wearing socks to match my truck. But the color of my truck is much prettier. It is the color of…

September sky!


This is the bed! I stood on the bumper and wasn’t tall enough to get it all in!

Have you noticed my over use of exclamation marks!?


This is the interior!


I think this is the ash tray!


This is the glove box! The seat belts are in there but soon they will be in their proper place. On the left is a journal where I will keep the maintenance record. Also, passengers may write in observations we make while “on the road”!


I swear I am not dressing to match my truck! Really.

So, as you can see, there are many great things about my truck. But remember how this post began? I want to share with you the best thing about my truck…


In 1965, a farmer in Arkansas bought this truck from a dealer in Huntsville. The dealer’s name is stamped on the back bumper. I didn’t notice this until after I bought the truck.

Hold on to your hat, Daddy-O…this “ride’s” for you.


William ( Bill ) Earl Haddock. 1924-2008.

Enter the “Name the Truck” Contest! You can’t win if you don’t play!

Check back for truck stories and pictures… coming soon, “Girls in My Truck”.



Thank all of you for your entries! They were all great suggestions. I especially enjoyed reading the reasons for your choices. A lot of nostalgia came my way. I have the best friends ever!
And the winner is…
the entry from…

Wait, wait! Before you scream “Foul Play!”… before you accuse us of a nepotistical romp…
Well, it is true that brother Randy had inside information… but even with that, I’m sure that when you know the name you will totally agree!! Remember how the story of the truck started out? With my father, right? Well, my brother remembered that my dad called my mom…


and Susie Q it is!


Virginia Sue Stockdale and William Earl Haddock
Married on New Year’s Day, 1951
Resting in Peace Together

It’s A Wrap!
April 26, 2010

It’s a wrap…

It’s a wrap, too…

No more gallery…

No more Westside chic…

No class tonight…

“Hey, we’re outta talc!”

Nobody in the yeast room…

No balcony seat…

Tamale lady’s here! Oh, no…guess that’s just the wind knocking.

Nope. You won’t find her back in her corner…


Tara has left the building.

Beginning in June, you may find us at the Belger Building, 2100 Walnut. Come visit!

What Do You Get When…
April 23, 2010

What do you get when you are nice to a very good potter?

A lovely lidded jar.

What do you get when you are nice to a very nice, very good potter?

A lovely lidded jar and a sweet bud vase.

The maker?

Our very own Mike Jabbur, former Red Star Resident artist who went on to acquire his Master’s Degree at Ohio University, is now the Studio Manager at Santa Fe Clay. Mike came to teach the last, very last workshop at Red Star (Westside). And an excellent workshop, indeed. Observing this workshop was comparable to attending the symphony. A delight to the ears, a treat for the eye (he’s so cute…uh I mean his work is so lovely), and a challenge for the mind. Mike is one of the, really not so many, potters who succeeds at balancing the needs of function and aesthetics in ways that engage and delight.

Thank you for the two “leave behinds”, Mike. For those of you who do not have potters as friends (can that be possible?), this is what potters do. They leave behind pots…when they visit a friend, when they move out of apartments, and

when they vacate a studio…

Sometimes it’s just a cup.

Sometimes it’s a bunch of cups and a bud vase.

Sometimes it’s a cow.

Sometimes it’s cups stuffed down in the bottom of a creepy hole. Bowie? Stephanie??

Why do potters do that? Maybe we leave a gift for a friend for the same reason any gift is given. Maybe potters are intrigued by or respect the permanence of the objects they create. Much excitement has come from finding shards that are thousands of years old. What will happen when our shards are discovered? (I hope no one finds that cruet with the plugged up spout that I finally threw out!) Or maybe we are just a bit odd. One thing that I have discovered while learning about ceramics…rarely is there one answer to a question. Perhaps we potters do this because we are kind, awed by our craft, and a tad eccentric. I would answer to that.

Where Has All The Pottery Gone?
April 7, 2010

Remember? Remember all the many workshops we have had at Red Star over the years? Bob Briscoe, Ellen Shankin, Tom Coleman, Lorna Meaden, Nick Joerling? How about Ayumi Horie, Sequoia Miller, Sylvie Granatelli…and many, many others? You may also recall…

The shelves up on the studio walls that were filled with all those demo pots they made at Red Star.

Ron Meyers…where are youuuuuu?

Sam Chung. Sam? Hey, Sam!

Oh look…here they are…

Here and in a bunch of other boxes all stacked up, waiting for moving day. One more thing crossed off my lonnnnng things to do list. (I have some very good worker bees.)

What Do Ya Get When…
March 28, 2010

What do you get when you combine empty shelves…


empty boxes??

Full boxes!!

George has full boxes, too.

Carol’s studio is almost empty.

Anne has a lot of work to do. I think she is still making pots. Good girl!

I won’t be making pots until June!

But I still have lots of pots to…


Oh yes, I do.

What’s happnin’? Do you know what’s goin’ on?

Have you seen the postcard? A big red star on a black field and on the back…

Red Star is Moving!
Belger Arts Center
2100 Walnut Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
Belger Warehouse Studios
2011 Tracy
Kansas City, MO 64108
Red Star has joined the Belger Arts Center to greater
serve the ceramics community and will continue
to offer the best in functional ceramics, sculpture,
studio spaces, artist-in-residence programs, classes,
workshops and gallery exhibitions in a new, expanded
location. Please visit our interim location prior to the
opening of our new home in October.
Join us in October, 2010 at our NEW Facility:

Marc Digeros and Boys That Get Low
March 8, 2010

The show that opened at the Red Star Gallery last Friday features Marc Digeros, Joseph Pintz, Arthur Halvorsen, Marty Fielding, and Brian Jones. These men, from all over the country, work with low fire clay bodies and glazes. From Halvorsen’s liquidy lusciousness to Pintz’s offerings of opacity and all the variety in between, you will experience contemporary functional ceramics at its earthenware best.

Welcome to Red Star Studios.

Joseph Pintz:

Arthur Halvorsen:

Marty Fielding:

Marc Digeros:

Brian Jones:

I’m still a bit shakey from the flu and wasn’t using a tripod (I stole the last image of Brian’s lidded jar from the Red Star site because mine was so out of focus…shhh, don’t tell on me) so you might want to click on Red Star’s site for other images. Click on “Gallery” and scroll and click to enlarge. (Scientific studies show that people who purchase art on a regular basis lead happier and healthier lives.)